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URGENT PET FOOD ALERT- INCREASED RISK OF HEART DISEASE LINKED TO CERTAIN DIETS.   The FDA has finally posted a list of diets implicated in the increased incidence of dogs developing DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy), a cardiac disease that can cause heart failure.  Click here to see their report.  First reported in July 2018, the only apparent common factors were diets high in lentils and peas, especially grain free diets.  The FDA has now finally released brands of food with more than 10 instances of DCM reported.  For a complete list of ALL cases of DCM reported to the FDA, follow this link :

If you are feeding a diet on the list of implicated foods, we do recommended switching away from those diets. 

If you are feeding your pet a diet on the list of implicated foods, you may be wondering if your pet is at risk of developing heart disease.  Initial observations suggest that by switching diets some of the cardiac changes can be reversed.  If you are concerned about your pet's cardiac health please schedule a consultation and exam with one of our veterinarians to evaluate your pet's health. 

The FDA has also released an informational flyer regarding grain-free diets and dilated cardiomyopathy-