DeVries Animal Hospital

528 S Spring Road
Elmhurst, IL 60126




The popularity of the Golden Retriever has remained constant through the years, due to their loving, playful, and eager to please nature. The European Creme Golden Retriever is the same golden we know and love, with the differences being a creamy white coat, a bit calmer temperament, and parents imported from Europe. The breeder of these  lovely dogs is located here in Elmhurst! The Veterinarians at DeVries Animal Hospital support the dedication of Heroes Gold Retrievers, in their efforts to promote healthy puppies to loving families.
         DeVries Animal Hospital performs the health screenings and required x-rays on the  adult dogs of Heroes Gold, before a breeding is planned, as well as the exams and vaccinations for each puppy, as they join their new families. Heroes Gold remains a quality, reputable breeder, in part, due to the compassionate care given at DeVries Animal Hospital.