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DeVries Animal Hospital Elmhurst Want to be a Vet?

Young people are the future of any profession, and Dr. DeVries is always interested in sharing his knowledge and experience about the veterinary profession. He has mentored many students on their journey to becoming successful veterinarians. Students interested in becoming a veterinarian can further their knowledge about the profession in the following ways:

1. Career Day Presentations - Dr. DeVries loves being a veterinarian and welcomes any opportunity to foster interest in veterinary medical careers. He makes himself available to speak at local career days and whenever opportunities present themselves to talk about being a veterinarian. He has been a presenter at Career Day at the DuPage Technical Center for many years and speaks annually at career days throughout schools in Elmhurst. Please contact us for more information if you should have an opportunity for a career day presentation about Veterinary Medicine.

Career Day Presentation

2. Group Tours - DeVries Animal Hospital has an informative and educational 1 hour program to present to groups in conjunction with a tour of the facility. The program is best suited to school children in 2nd through 8th grades. The program helps fulfill the Pet Care badge requirements for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Please call and ask to schedule a tour.


Kindergarten visitors vScouts troop visitKindergarten visitors

3. York High School Medical Careers Program - DeVries Animal Hospital has participated in this exciting program for many years, which offers York High senior students an opportunity to shadow a veterinarian for a 2 week rotation. Students observe surgeries, procedures, follow medical cases and learn all about being a veterinarian. This program has helped several students launch a career in Veterinary Medicine.