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Noise phobiasBLOG

NOISE PHOBIAS AND YOUR DOG….  Fireworks and thunder can make the summer months stressful for your dog.  Options to manage your dog’s stress level include natural remedies, ThunderShirts, and anti-anxiety drugs.  We find that dogs only mildly stressed can often be managed with Benadryl dosed at ½ to 1 tablet per 25 lbs body weight, Rescue Remedy (available at Fruitful Yield in Elmhurst) or melatonin.  CBD oil (a derivative of marijuana that does not contain the psychoactive component THC) is a new product which may have some benefit to calm stressed dogs and can be found at Ruff Life in Elmhurst.   Dogs more severely stressed may be helped by a ThunderShirt- if your pet calms when held close to you they may benefit from this- available at many pet shops including Bentley’s Pet Supplies.  ThunderShirts work best when coupled together with counter-conditioning and desensitization therapy.  Dogs severely affected by noise phobias may need stronger medications which require a prescription and include Acepromazine (a tranquilizer specifically for dogs & cats), Xanax and Trazadone