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Preanesthetic blood testing is important in reducing the risk of anesthesia. We require blood testing for every pet before surgery to ensure that the liver and kidneys can handle the anesthetic. Even apparently healthy animals can have serious organ system problems that cannot be detected without blood testing. If there is a problem, it is much better to find it before it causes anesthetic or surgical complications. Animals that have minor dysfunction will handle the anesthetic better if they receive IV fluids during surgery. If serious problems are detected, surgery can be postponed until the problem is corrected.

We offer two levels of in-house blood testing before surgery, which we will go over with you when you bring your pet in. For geriatric or ill pets, additional blood tests, urinalysis, or x-rays may be required before surgery as well.

For your convenience and to streamline the check in process on the day of your pet's surgery, you may download the Pre-Anesthetic Blood Test Authorization form now, complete it and bring it with your when you bring your pet in for surgery. 

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Pre anesth consent letter Jan22Pre Anesthetic Bloodwork Consent form